Repor Smart Massage Mattress-Nothing but Comfort

As a sedentary office worker, staying in a fixed position for a long period of time can lead to aches and pains in many parts of the body throughout the day. In order to alleviate the uncomfortable feeling, I have bought too many massage products, such as waist massager and fascia gun. But if you want to massage shoulders, neck, waist, back and legs at the same time, you have to use one product after another. It’s really too incovenient to operate. Repor smart massage mattress can not only massage the shoulders, neck, waist, back and legs at the same time, but also achieve the waist stretch, neck and shoulder knead and body massage functions.

The color of the product is grey and white, the rated voltage is 12V while the rated power is 24W, the package size is 660*150*415. In fact, the product is not big after being received. Compared with the massage chair, which has the same function, I think it is more suitable for small family to use.



In order to let the user receive massage mattress btter, it is not only equipped with a handle, but also installed zipper, which is convenient to carry.




Open the zipper to unfold the massage mattress. The overall texture is made of environmental leather, which is wearproof and air-permeable. It is easy to clean as well.


The Repor Smart Massage Mattress is equipped with 22 air bags that offer multi-area massages as well as full-body kneadings and massages at varying levels of intensity


Neck massage is composed of six airbags on the left and right, which is  suitable for the relaxation of cervical vertebra.


The shoulder massage is also performed by two airbags on the left and right sides, which can be used to relieve tension in the back muscles


The waist and haunch part’s massage are supported by two and four airbags. The two parts of the airbags work together with massage traction, so that the waist and hip can get a good stretch.


Last but not least should be the leg massage, which is supported by six airbags. One massage mattress can satisfy  the needs of all the parts of your body. The practicability is much better than the single massager.


Like other massagers, this mattress is operated by the controller stored in the left middle of the mattress



The thickened sponge has good elasticity and it is soft and comfortable to press. 



In general, the massage mattress has an obvious effect on relieving fatigue. It is easy to store as well, which is more convenient than the other massagers.