Learn these methods to make good drip coffee at home

Today’s coffee shops have added a drink called drip coffee, which must be brewed with coffee grinders, coffee drippers, and scales. If you want to make this coffee at home without these appliances at home, it is difficult to make this drip coffee. So how can we make a cup of fresh, delicious, and convenient drip coffee? Check it out now!


First of all, you only need water and a cup, and there is a very convenient Drip Bag coffee, you can simply enjoy the freshest drip coffee. “Drip Bag” is a coffee bag made with a paper filter, so anyone can easily enjoy drip coffee. Before purchasing the Drip Bag, you must first confirm the production date and expiration date. Because it is made of coffee beans in powder form, the aroma of coffee will gradually fade with time, and the taste of the original beans will be completely different depending on when they are made. Another suggestion is that it is more worthwhile to go to a cafe or shop that you frequent. Rather than buying a large amount at once, buy a new pack after drinking it to maintain its freshness.


The water temperature of brewing coffee is also very particular. To brew a good cup of coffee, the temperature is in the early 90 degrees. If there is no temperature measuring machine, the temperature when pouring the hot water into the cup is correct. Experts suggest that instead of pouring boiled water directly, pour the water into the cup to extract it first so that you can enjoy a more delicious drip coffee. This is because pouring too hot water will produce unpleasant odors, and the coffee will be excessively extracted, so there is no way to enjoy the aroma of coffee beans.



Production method: First hang the Drip Bag in the cup, instead of filling it with water at one time, first use about 50ml of extracted coffee, and then pour about 100ml of hot water to dilute. If there is no graduated cup, the Drip Bag can be soaked in about two-thirds, and 50ml of coffee can be extracted by repeatedly pouring water. Drip Bags usually contain 8~10g of ground coffee beans. This is a measure of good coffee. The amount of water should be just right, too much water will reduce the flavor of the coffee.



With this convenient Drip Bag coffee, simple and uncomplicated, anyone can brew a cup of delicious Drip Coffee at home.