4 kinds of habits for eating breakfast to keep healthy

Many people will skip breakfast and directly fill in the breakfast portion at lunch. In fact, this will cause the possibility of overeating. And people who skip breakfast will reduce the basal metabolic rate and energy consumption, leading to weight gain and nutritional imbalance. In order to cultivate the habit of eating breakfast, here are 4 kinds of breakfast eating habits for you. Only by eating can you have a healthy body!

1. The energy intake for breakfast should be about 25%

You really need a good breakfast, so the recommended daily intake is about 25%, which is equivalent to 400~500 cal. Breakfast is better to eat nutritiously, you can choose some fiber foods such as multi-grain rice or whole wheat bread as well.


2. Ingest protein

Proper intake of protein can drive away sleepiness and get a sense of fullness. Protein foods include eggs, beans, fish, and meat. For people who want to lose weight, they can eat eggs, which can achieve the effect of weight loss.


3. Ingest complex sugariness

In order to supplement the calories needed in the morning, it is necessary to take in some carbohydrate foods. However, sugars in refined carbohydrates can increase blood sugar rapidly, which is very bad for the body. So try not to consume simple sugar foods, and eat some complex sugar foods such as multi-grain rice, sweet potatoes, or potatoes.



4. Get vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are the nutrients that must be taken daily. They can restore a tired body and regulate various functions of the body, which are very important to health. Vitamins and minerals are rich in fruits and vegetables. For breakfast, you can have a light fruit salad, or stir fresh fruits and vegetables into juice for better absorption by the body.



Eating breakfast is something you must do to create an energetic day. Remember these eating habits to make your health start with breakfast and become more energetic every day!