Beautiful appearance and good quality: BYCOO electric toothbrush


The first time I got the BYCOO electric toothbrush, I was attracted by its textured packaging. This white gift box must be loved by everyone.


When you open the white gift box, you will see a very textured toothbrush handle, brush head, manual, warranty card, and a toothbrush box that is easy to carry around.


Such fresh colors are refreshing, and I immediately wanted to try the effect of this electric toothbrush.


The brush head adopts the imported DuPont brush to clean the corners of the teeth deeply, making brushing more labor-saving and cleaner.


The manufacturer gave the toothbrush box intimately. When traveling on business, put the electric toothbrush in the box, which is easy to carry and clean.


How to install ?


The installation of this electric toothbrush is very convenient. A technical novice like me can easily install it without reading the manual. You only need to gently buckle the toothbrush head onto the shaft of the toothbrush handle. The brush head and the handle are roughly with a gap of 1 mm, the installation is complete.

Cleaning power

The most important thing about an electric toothbrush is its cleaning ability. The BYCOO electric toothbrush uses a magnetic levitation dual-axis acoustic mode with a vibration frequency of 38,000 vibrations per minute, allowing your mouth to be deeply cleaned.


To sum up

The humanization of this electric toothbrush is that it takes into account the oral problems of different groups of people, and upgrades the original experience modes of most electric toothbrushes on the market. Five brushing modes meet the needs of more users. With highly beautiful appearance, good quality and high cost performance, it is a worthy electric toothbrush.



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