Lenovo ThinkBook Pods Pro Bluetooth earphone that achieves free switching between computers and phones

ThinkPad today announced the ThinkBook Pods Pro Bluetooth earphone, which supports free switching between computers and mobile phones. The price is ¥999, and office workers can pay attention to it.


The storage box of ThinkBook Pods Pro is designed with rounded rectangles, but the earphone body looks very tough, which is in line with ThinkPad’s main office and durable image.

ThinkBook Pods Pro comes with a wireless transmitter that uses a USB Type-A interface, so Bluetooth is not required to connect to a computer.

ThinkBook Pods Pro also supports dual-microphone environmental noise reduction, which can accurately capture human voices and effectively shield surrounding environmental noise. With the optimization of Skype, Teams, and other software, it is very suitable for online voice, conference, and other scenarios.


With the exclusive software Lenovo Buddy, users can check the remaining power of the earphone on the computer and set whether to automatically connect to the default device, which better solves the problem that the Windows 10 system cannot effectively control the earphone.


ThinkBook Pods Pro can also switch freely between a computer and a mobile phone. After finishing the online meeting and other activities on the computer and turning off the computer, the earphone will automatically connect with the mobile phone to achieve both work and life.

With the above parameters, the ThinkBook Pods Pro weighs 3.57g per ear and can talk over two hours when fully charged, and it can achieve 20 hours of standby time with the charging box. And it supports fast charging, which can be fully charged in 30 minutes.