Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth Headphone Experience

About Urbanears (City Voice)

Urbanears is a young fashion earphone brand from Sweden.Products in accordance with the latest fashion color design, not only limited to black, white monotonous color.This can also be seen on Urbanears’ website. Urbanears’ products fall into two categories: headphones and speakers, which are aimed at young, music-loving people.

The Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth limited version of the experience was designed by Urbanears in collaboration with internationally renowned artist Tove Lo.

Open the box


The main body of the product packaging is white, with a flashy headphone photo, the overall look is very young and fashionable.The outside of the box is signed by the internationally acclaimed artist Tove Lo.

When you open the package, the first thing you see is the earphone itself, which supports folding and is easy to carry out.Packing includes:

The headset ontology

Micro – USB charging line

The user guide

Legal security

Tov Rowe Signature Card

Wipe cloth

There is no 3.5mm earphone cable in the package. It can be seen that this earphone is mainly composed of bluetooth listening, and the sound quality in the back is also mainly composed of bluetooth connecting mobile phone.


There is a 3.5mm headphone port on the left ear cover of the earphone, and a micro-USB charging port, multi-function button and indicator light on the right ear cover.


Effect when I take it on street


Colorful appearance, young positioning, naturally is to give up the street wear, but now the environment can not go to the crowded place, can only experience downstairs.

Headphones work well with clothes, but I feel that lighter colors are more likely to bring out the headset’s flashy features.Wearing such gorgeous headphones, I believe you are the most beautiful person on the street.

But the earphones themselves are very susceptible to fingerprints, which is why they come with a wipe cloth.

The headset experience

Wear comfort

The headset is very light at first sight, so wearing it for a long time will not give the head a sense of weight, and this is true in the actual experience.


The leather used for the earmuffs and the contact part of the head is soft and the leather feels good.

The earmuffs of the earphones are not wrapped earmuffs, but add-ons, which are less comfortable than wrapped earmuffs.In order to ensure the stability of the earphone, the strength is a little tight, long time wearing ears will have a pinch feeling, which affects the comfort of wearing.

Thanks to their lighter weight, headphones can also be worn around your neck when you’re not listening to music.

Easy to operate 


The right earmuff has a multi-function button that supports switching on and off, switching songs up (down), pausing, adjusting volume and answering phone calls. The difficulty is zero and it is better to learn than to touch or slide.

There is a 3.5mm headphone connector on the left earmuff, so that the headphone can listen to music through cable.The wired connection can not only solve the problem of audio delay when Bluetooth headset watches video, but also cooperate with the device to give the best sound quality of the headset, and can be used as a series line for two people to share music together.

The Bluetooth latency is within the acceptable range for actual video viewing, but if you want a better experience, you can use wired viewing.As for music sharing, I only have one headset, so sharing music is off the table for now.

Built-in microphone supports answering and waking up Siri, answering and calling a multi-function button operation is very convenient, not easy to touch by mistake.The call effect was OK, and there was no problem with making and receiving calls outdoors.

The headset doesn’t support switching between multiple devices at the touch of a button, so switching between your phone, iPad and computer isn’t very convenient, requiring you to disconnect from one device and then connect to another (both devices are paired) each time.


The sound quality

When it comes to sound quality, it’s a “metaphysical” moment.Indeed, with music, different people have different opinions.What’s more, to create a complete listening equipment for ordinary users is really very luxurious.From the choice of music file (lossless music), cooperate to broadcast equipment, if want to hear more details still need “ear put”, to the final broadcast equipment choice, even wire is also very door.Walking out on the street with this kit is something very few people would do if they weren’t really in love.

As for me, also is music small white, that I start from small white to say I try to listen to the feeling.

Playback device: iPhone 6S Plus, playback software: netease cloud music (sound quality: extremely high non-lossless), playback environment: late night (ambient noise: 11-15 decibels), connection mode: Bluetooth connection playback.Let’s start with thrust. Sensitivity is a better response to the thrust of the headset than the damping of the headset.The sensitivity of this earphone is 106 dB, which is enough to push the music directly from the phone.Listen to music: “Live in American” and “Drum Poetry”. First of all, you can play the music without turning up the volume of the phone. Secondly, the transient of the earphone is quite sufficient, which has a certain sense of pushing the back.Cai Qin’s “Ferry” and Zhao Peng’s “The Moon Represents My Heart” can be heard in the bass of the diving feeling, slowly down with the music.In terms of parsing, look at the details of how many songs you can hear with your phone’s Bluetooth connection.Try music: “One I Love,” “A Thousand Years,” “The Joy of Having You.”First to the conclusion: good analytical force.“One I Love” begins. Breathing and swallowing can be heard.The thunder at the beginning of “A Thousand Years” and the sound at the beginning of “happiness with you” can be clearly interpreted.

One thing to be aware of, however, is that I experienced explosive resonance during the first 20s of “One I Love” on my phone. This resonance disappeared when I plugged in the audio cable.I also didn’t hear it when I tried Bluetooth on the MacBook Pro, for reasons I don’t know.

Finally, talk about the sound field, level and sound positioning, to see whether the greatest restoration of the sense of presence of music.

Try music: ‘Girls in Osaka City’, ‘Hotel California’, ‘Fade’, ‘Bad Guy’.“Girls of Osaka City” can hear multiple people singing at the same time, and the more you hear, the better the layering.“Hotel California” As the prelude plays, you can feel the crowd waiting for the start.

But in the electronic music “Fade”, “Bad Guy” can feel stuffy and pasted together.If the bass part is too much, the listening sensation of the earphone is more general, this point has changed after plugging in the audio cable.


Summary: It is suitable for listening to pop music with high frequency voice, which is also in line with the positioning of most pop music.If you have higher requirements for sound quality, it is recommended to use 3.5mm audio cable, the sound quality will be improved.