Original wood color TV consoles singapore

With the put of a large number of goods in daily life, it can let the home present a mixed and disorderly scattered feeling, so getting a TV console with powerful function seems particularly important to collect things together. Besides receiving, the TV consoles of different style also can bring us different visual effects, the TV consoles of IKEA type is the choice of most people, and the raw wood color, which looks clean and pure, is more close to nature and builds the visual sense that gives a line succinct, it also can add a pure and fresh colour for household environment.

YUSAN QX-TV2605 tv console


This TV console is made of North American FAS level oak material, big board is formed directly, the pure copper handle improves the sense of texture, the cabinet door provides two kinds of opening ways, it contains four independent storage drawers that can classifie storage, which is convenient and neat. The wood color is simple and elegant.

BAIJIA modern simple solid wood TV console


The TV console is made by North America FAS grade white oak material, it is with reasonable storage design and the space is large. The drawer is used solid wood to build, making full use of space and making storage more convenient. The real wood slippery course is not easy to damage, the whole style is clean and pure. The size is 180*40*48cm.

WEISHA W7035 oak TV console


This TV console adopts white oak as the main material. The cabinet legs are graceful, sedate and solid, the open lacquered keeps the clear texture of logs, four drawers for storage. The scientific and reasonable layout makes daily life more convenient.

YUSAN SLS-TV1703 white oak TV console


The main material is FAS grade white oak, the inside board and the back board of the drawer are made of paulownia wood, and the whole is not adulterated with any artificial and composite board.Cupboard doors and drawers are pulled by full solid wood slide rail, which is not easy to be damaged, and also makes children at home safer to use.

YUSAN DMB-DSG180 white oak TV console


The main material is special grade of white oak, while used tung wood for the back, without any artificial plate.4 store content drawer can be used for classified receive. The whole style is clean and pure. The edges and corners are handled in a circular manner. The slippery track is made of solid wood.