Interesting Creative Lights to Make Your Room Brighter

New Year’s day is coming after a few days, many families will use lamps and lanterns to dress up the home, I would like to share a creative light to you and hope you guys like it.

OLIGHT LED spherical light


OLIGHT spherical LED light  has three kinds of color-red, green and gray.


▲After opening the small package, you can see the prompt charging way.


▲The spherical LED light uses magnetic charging way. Thanks to this design, the lamp is also designed to be waterproof to IPX7. The weight of each ball is only 55g, which is only one third of the weight of a normal mobile phone.


▲In addition to the lights, the package also contains a charging cord and a badge.


▲Each ball is 54mm in diameter and 48mm in height. When being charged, a red light will go on at the bottom of the charging line and it will be fully charged in 2 hours. The battery capacity is 630mah.



▲In the wild, the lights can be transformed into camping lights for us to write and light at night.


Because of its magnetically absorbing design, it can stick to metal surfaces.If you put it on the refrigerator, it can be used as a night light in the kitchen. There are certainly other ways to use the light, which needs you to figure out by yourself.



The lamp provides four lighting modes, which are the flashing red light of 7 lumens and the normally bright red light, the warm yellow light of 3.5 lumens, and the warm yellow light of 55 lumens.


▲Thanks to its IPX7 waterproof, it is both waterproof and soaking resistant, and can be used as a swimming pool light or bath light in a bathtub, which is very creative.


▲Considering that it has the function of outdoor use, it is also very resistant to falling. I have tested it by myself, and there is no damage to the lamp ball when it falls from 1.5 meters.