Kitchen upgrade starts from choosing a good pot

Recently, I also promoted my own kitchen and bought a pot, which is a series of titanium drill non-stick pot inspired by British Tiborang. After using it, I want to share with you how to choose the pots and pans in the kitchen, and also provide some suggestions for friends who want to change the pots and utensils recently. If you are worried about upgrading your own kitchen, continue to check out. 


According to the official statement, the coating inside this titanium drill non-stick pan is made of titanium alloy. The titanium melt particles are sprayed evenly to adhere to the surface of the pan. The wear resistance and non-stickiness are 97% higher than the market. Competitors on the market are more scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. This pot is much larger than the original pot in my house. The area of ​​the bottom of the pot has increased by 15% and the capacity has increased by 30%.


In terms of weight, it stands to reason that the area of ​​the pot has increased, and the weight should also increase. However, the ultra-light die-cast pot technology is used in this pot, plus the pot is only about 1500g, it feels very good to use.


This pot has a big selling point called a pot with eight functions. It can be used as a frying pan, frying pan, boiling pot, low-pressure pot, steaming pot, barbecue pot, frying pan, and hot pot. Save an inch of space in our kitchen.

The exterior part of the British Tiborang inspired series of titanium diamond non-stick pan has six layers of protection including a gem particle penetration layer, a mineral enhanced layer, a hard oxide enhanced layer, a sandblasting medium layer, a plasma-sprayed titanium alloy permanent layer, and a high-purity aluminum alloy base layer. It makes your cooking very convenient and non-sticky.


This pot uses a micro-pressure circulation system, and the lid uses a detachable transparent pressure relief valve, which can automatically release pressure after high temperature. It is resistant to cold and heat and is more resistant to falling. You can enjoy the deliciousness while observing every cooking process. It can continue to boil for 5 minutes after turning off the heat. I can save a lot of time when making some braised vegetables. Like a pressure cooker, it can improve our usual cooking efficiency and the overall experience has been improved.


The effect is actually two key words: super good thermal conductivity and burnout. The actual experience is also good. The obvious perception is that after the oil is added, the pot heats up quickly and evenly.