The new product of the Dreame mopping robot L10 Pro has been released

Recently, the intelligent technology brand Dreame Technology officially launched its latest dual-line lidar mopping robot L10 Pro. It is reported that the L10 Pro continues the combined development of sweeping, dust collecting and mopping, and pioneered the introduction of HIGH PRECISION 3D obstacle avoidance technology and a new SLAM intelligent algorithm, which integrates intelligent obstacle avoidance, whole-house planning, deep cleaning, and ultra-long battery life in one, to provide users with more intelligent and efficient home floor cleaning solutions.


The L10 Pro mopping robot released by Dreame Technology uses dual-line lidar technology that can reconstruct the three-dimensional environment of the whole house to avoid collisions. It is based on line laser technology and Dreame’s self-developed SLAM (real-time positioning and map construction) intelligent algorithm realizes 3D reconstruction of the home environment and fine recognition of ground obstacles, achieving higher cleaning efficiency and automation.


The HIHG PRECISION 3D obstacle avoidance technology of the L10 Pro mopping robot can accurately restore the user’s home scene and obstacles, reduce the trapping of low gaps, prevent cable entanglement, accurately avoid obstacles, and prevent items from being pushed. LDS lidar navigation can be realized a fast scanning at 2080 points per second, the sensing radius is 8 square meters, the sensing error is less than 10mm, and obstacles will not be missed. By quickly familiarizing the map, designing the cleaning route, so as to achieve no omissions and no repetition.


In addition, in terms of cleaning function, Dreame L10 Pro uses the Japanese Nidec brushless motor and four-speed suction adjustment tuned by the Dreame aerodynamics team. The suction power is up to 4000Pa, bringing a deep clean experience. The integrated sweeping and mopping design and suspended type of roller brush that close to the ground can clean the dust on the floor while also deeply cleaning the dust in the gap. For the stubborn stains, the Dreame L10 Pro uses a three-stage electronically controlled water tank that can intelligently discharge water and effectively remove stubborn stains. In order to solve the problem of hair cleaning, Dreame L10 Pro adopts a new anti-entanglement design. The comb structure can straighten out the hair, effectively inhibit hair entanglement, and bring users a more convenient cleaning experience.

Dreame L10 Pro mopping robot not only has good cleaning functions, but also shows more characteristics of human-computer interaction, acting as a link that linking users and home smart terminals, and becoming the entrance to the smart home ecology. Dreame L10 Pro supports a variety of voice assistants including Xiaoai, Tmall Elf, and Baidu Xiaodu. The user can remotely control, and the voice can give instructions to complete the cleaning, and easily start the smart life of the whole house.


In order to reduce the noise during cleaning, Dreame L10 Pro has also been greatly optimized in terms of motor, air duct, design, and material. It has five levels of noise reduction of the whole machine, which can effectively control noise and bring a quieter and beautiful cleaning experience. Not only that, its built-in 5200mAh super-capacity battery combined with the BMS intelligent battery management system makes full use of the power to effectively reduce power consumption. The battery life can reach 150 minutes, and it can clean about 250 square meters continuously, making large-area cleaning easy.