Perfume + alarm clock =? CITIZEN has launched the aromatic alarm clock

CITIZEN, a well-known Japanese watchmaker, recently launched a new type of fragrance divergent alarm clock called Sensory Time. This alarm clock is currently available for purchase through the CITIZEN website for $99. Available in three colors, white, gray, and wooden appearance. This new product can be said to be a unique sensory clock with multiple functions. Let’s take a closer look at it together:



The digital clock includes a timer and a 10ml aroma essential oil box. The timer can be set to 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 120 minutes, covering 46.5 square meters of space, which is enough for the bedroom. The essential oil box will began to emanate fragrance in the first five minutes of the alarm. And it is equipped with LED health lights, adjustable lights and music played through Bluetooth speakers will bring soothing and vitality to the beginning of a new day.

The spirit is soothed by the special fragrance and soundtrack. Not only can you relax and fall asleep at night, but getting up in the morning is also not so painful! In addition, it’s USB powered, which is convenient to use anywhere.


CITIZEN and IFF perfumer Kevin Shroff jointly developed the fragrance here. There are currently two mixed fragrances:

1. Lavender Escape (lavender flavor), a fusion of a light aroma and woody aroma, brings a sense of calm, comfort, and balance.


2. Citrus Boost (citrus flavor) can exude an uplifting and refreshing plant flavor, making people feel refreshed.