Harmony OS 2.0 vs MIUI 12.5, seems that Huawei is the winner

Huawei Harmony OS 2.0 has advanced to the development of its public beta version and plans to upgrade it for ordinary consumers in June.

From the previous experience sharing, Harmony OS 2.0 has a high degree of completion, and it has its own advantages for MIUI 11 and iOS 14.

A few days ago, a blogger shared a video about the comparison between Harmony OS 2.0 Beta 3 and MIUI 12.5.


The comparison is to clear the background program and compare the speed experience of opening common apps. It seems that Harmony OS 2.0 has indeed a weak speed advantage in most apps. 

Of course, it needs to be pointed out that after all, Harmony OS 2.0 is still in the development stage, and what kind of interface, animation, and smoothness the final stable version will present will need time to test.