Here we go, here comes the Nintendo Switch Pro news!

Nintendo is scheduled to hold an E3 face-to-face meeting at 0:00 on June 16th, Beijing time. In addition to the game, the protagonist may also include Switch Pro.

This time it broke the news that Switch Pro was replaced with a 5nm CPU. The CPU frequency is up to 1GHz.

After the performance and power consumption are guaranteed, the Switch Pro will achieve a local 720P 120FPS screen performance. In the dock mode, the new machine is optimized for 1440P games.

It is said that the core game developers have received the Switch Pro development prototype, wow.

Other previous news about Switch Pro includes Samsung’s 7-inch 1280×720 resolution OLED display, added Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1 support, and optional 64GB body storage.

So, looking forward to buying a new Switch Pro?