High-value air fryer recommendations, find cheap, practical, and beautiful air fryers within RM200!

Speaking of the past few years, everyone has paid more and more attention to health, especially in cooking. For fried foods that everyone loves and hates, which have high fats, high calories, and high cholesterol, aside from the safety of edible oil, fried foods are unhealthy. At this time, the essential kitchen essential for the healthy and oil-free concept air fryer has become popular, and now almost everyone has an air fryer! This time I will recommend the high-value Air Fryer. The point is that it is cheap and you can find it for less than RM200!

Riino Rapid Air Fryer

Riino Rapid Air Fryer is a more traditional twisted air fryer. The overall shape is green, with a capacity of 3.8L, which can provide food for two to three people! Riino Rapid Air Fryer has a display to show you how much time and the temperature it takes to cook what food, suitable for lazy people and beginners! Just follow the prompts to adjust, and then press the power button, you can easily wait for food!




Monda air fryer

Speaking of a nice-looking air fryer, I have to mention the Monda brand exclusive color air fryer, which is undoubtedly a dream home appliance for girls! Whether it is fresh blue or pink, it is very healing and looks comfortable. With a large capacity of up to 4.5L, even if there are many people in the family, there is no need to worry about cooking the food multiple times. It is very suitable for large families to use the air fryer, and it looks good when displayed!




PerySmith X Bossman Kaden air fryer

This PerySmith X Bossman Kaden air fryer has a very special appearance. The round shape, dark green and brown is in their own style, which interprets the retro and elegant feeling. The exquisite shape makes it more than an air fryer. It is more like a work of art. With a capacity of 3L, you can put 12 chicken drumsticks at the same time, which is very convenient and practical.




Mayer Air Fryer

The Mayer Air Fryer is relatively cheap in terms of price, with a capacity of 3L, which is enough for a small family! The way of selecting the mode is knob type. On the top of the air fryer, you can adjust the air frying time, and the front is the knob for adjusting the temperature. Mayer can heat your food evenly at 360 degrees, which is beautiful and practical!




Hurry up and get one!