Honor Magic V released today: refresh everyone’s cognition of traditional folding screen

At 19:30 on January 10, Honor will hold the Honor MagicV flagship new product launch conference, when it will release Honor’s first folding screen mobile phone.

The president of Honor terminal product line said: Honor Magic V folding screen is an integrator of cutting-edge technology in mobile phone design and manufacturing, and it is also the latest achievement of Honor’s innovative research and development. It can be said that it has a very high technology density.
She emphasized: “As one of the major breakthroughs in hinge technology, it will refresh everyone’s perception of the thickness of traditional folding screens.”

Due to factors such as larger screens, hinges, and reinforcement components, the folding screen weighs more than 50% than the traditional candy bar phone. For example, the weight of Xiaomi’s first folding screen phone, the Xiaomi MIX FOLD, is as high as 317g, and the ceramic special edition is even as high as 332g. The hand holding experience is not very good.

Zhao Ming also said before that Honor has defined a new line of folding screen products. Magic V should be the most complete in structural design and the best folding screen mobile phone seen on the market. The design is very stunning. It seems that the Honor folding screen is very confident in its own technology, and the product is very exciting.

According to previous news, the internal folding main screen of the Honor Magic V is 8 inches, and the external secondary screen is 6.5 inches. The core aspect is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 flagship chip, which is the strongest performance Android has listed.

The Honor Magic V will adopt an inward folding design that folds left and right. It also has a punch-hole screen with a central opening on the back, and a vertical strip texture on the other side. The upper left corner has a vertically arranged three-camera combination. Machine business temperament is very strong.