How about holey mouse? Let’s check out FirstBlood F15 gaming mouse

Recently the honeycomb shell design of the “holey mouse” may be said to be the peripheral of the new favorite, very popular, I saw a lot of people showing on the desktop with a variety of honeycomb shell mouse.FirstBlood has also introduced their honeycomb mouse, which supports detachable accessory replacement and macro definition Settings, as well as a six-speed adjustable up to 16000DPI. Most importantly, at a low price, it’s really worth buying.


For packaging the FirstBlood F15 gaming mouse uses a bright red color, very passionate, there is a big “1” in the upper right corner.

On the back of the package is printed some configuration parameters and manufacturing information about the product. You can see the FirstBlood F15 gaming mouse is built with PAW3338 chips, DPI up to 16,000, home button micro move 50 million click life, at the same time due to honeycomb shell design so it can achieve 75.5 grams of lightweight weight.


I chose a very beautiful lilac palette, very beautiful, but more understated and mysterious.


When you open the package, in addition to the mouse itself, you can see the instructions and the replacement back shell, the counterweight module, and the extra side keys.


Let’s check out more pictures.



The honeycomb case is the key to making the mouse light, durable, comfortable and airy.Many friends worry about the honeycomb shell mouse is more difficult to clean, the actual detachable way ensures the cleaning up more thoroughly and easily.The replacement back cover is also fixed by magnetic suction and easy to replace.


You can see the details of the FirstBlood F15 gaming mouse are pretty good, with no spillage and no burrs.


The bottom of the mouse is also honeycomb hollow design, 3 large area anti-slip foot paste effectively ensure the smooth and stable use of the mouse on various materials of the mouse pad.The sensor adopts the original phase IC PMW3338 ESPORTS optical sensor, up to 16000DPI, ready to capture the slightest shift, real-time feedback of every movement.

In addition to controlling the RGB light effect mode switch, a long press of 3 seconds on the bottom button can also switch between office mode and game mode.


In terms of wire, FirstBlood F15 adopts a more advanced zero compression cord braided wire, which is softer, lighter and without dragging feeling compared with traditional braided wire, providing a wire-like sense of free operation.


The four side keys and the back cover are magnetic suction designs, easy to replace, without the need to remove the mouse, the replacement can be completed.


FirstBlood F15 is a traditional right-handed game mouse.The mouse belongs to the medium to the mouse, the size is about 124.5 mm * 64 mm * 42 mm, but only about 75.5 g weight, which is kind of light. After adding a module of balancing weight of about 133.5 g,it can be adjusted according to their own habits.


At the same time, the installation of the counterweight module is also very convenient, you just need to clip into the reserved position of the mouse.


The LOGO inside the mouse is also illuminated by RGB.



The grip feels full, fitting well with the palm.Mouse surface used delicate frosted paint craft, so no need to worry about sweat hands. Light purple, deep purple with white ornaments, the collocation of three kinds of color is just on point.


As a gaming mouse, of course, there are elements of RGB, as we all know that RGB can effectively improve the game experience.


In addition to the mouse wheel and LOGO breathing lights have RGB light effect, the RGB rainbow light belt at the bottom of the mouse can be said to be the finishing touch.



During the time of experiencing this mouse, FirstBlood F15 gaming mouse is satisfactory both in game and daily office use, at the same time, the design of RGB lights article raised the integral atmosphere of the desktop, the configuration of PAW3338 chip, DPI is as high as 16000 and umbrella rope braided wire are hard to find in this price, if you are looking for a honeycomb’s shell designed mouse, the FirstBlood F15 a good choice.