How to take great photos by iPhone 12 Pro? Check these tips

The biggest wish for a photographer is that you don’t have to carry your camera when you go out. iPhone 12 Pro is quite a good choice to replace the camera, so I went to the streets of Osaka and tested the photo performance of the iPhone 12 Pro under different light environments. Welcome to discuss the effect.


And here are few tips to improve the quality of mobile phone photos.

1. When shooting a night scene, first tap the bright part of the screen to focus. After pressing the shutter, the phone stays still and waits for the exposure indicator bar to finish, so that the night scene shot will be very delicate and detailed.

2. Although the portrait mode algorithm of this generation of iPhone has been greatly improved, there will still be some traces of cutouts. Therefore, it is best to shoot in front of a background that contrasts with the model’s clothes.

3. Settings-Camera-turn on Smart HDR. In this way, in a light environment with a strong contrast between bright and dark, the highlights and shadow details can be preserved to the greatest extent.

4. The principle of white plus black minus is also applicable when shooting with mobile phones. In the shooting pure white environment, add a little exposure compensation. In a pure black environment, reduce the exposure compensation a bit. In this way the picture will be cleaner.