How to make Apple AirPods Pro more stable when wearing

As a music lover, I basically have to wear headphones for at least 4 hours a day. It can be said that headphones are an essential electronic product in my daily life.Of course, I followed suit and bought the AirPods Pro, which is trendy.No matter from the sound quality to noise reduction effect and battery life, this earphone is quite in line with my mind.


However, there is one problem that has always affected my listening experience from the very beginning. That is, the earphones are easy to slip off, and I have to use my hands to push them back from time to time.Then I studied for a long time and finally found some ways to solve this problem. The first way is to replace the earplug: this method can not only improve the problem of wearing instability, but also improve the wearing comfort, and I will talk about the experience of the earplug I bought.


The material of Azla earplug is TPE medical silica gel, which is the most popular at present. It is separate. The earcap is soft and elastic, and the surface is also elastic.After entering the ear, the earplug is very close to the ear canal, coupled with the stickiness of its own belt, it will not be thrown off.


You can also use protective film. The thickness of the protective film has been done to the extreme in order not to affect the cover box, but the thin layer just effectively increases the friction, making the headphones wear more stable.