Bose has launched the Sport Open Earbuds

Bose has launched a new wireless earbuds called Sport Open Earbuds, which is designed for sports users and it is with Open audio. Unlike the bone conduction solution, it is more comfortable to wear and has less sound leakage, and it offers excellent water resistance and battery life.The Sport  Wireless headphones costs $199.95.


It adopt the sport ear hanging design, effectively prevent falling off, and it also meets the IPX4 level of waterproof, which can meet the outdoor sports needs.Due to the large size (48 x 55mm), internal accessories, batteries, etc., the headphone is not light, which weighing 14g each, but because they are attached to the ear, they are relatively non-sensory.



Thanks to its own OpenAudio audio technology, audio can be effectively delivered to the ear cavity, with less noise leakage, and more comfortable to wear, creating a natural and OpenAudio experience.



In addition, it has a well-designed heart-shaped microphone for better audio reception and AI-enabled noise reduction to keep calls clear.There is also support for voice assistant, button control button, you can cut songs, play, pause or connect to hang up the phone.



It can last up to eight hours on one earphone and comes with a storage box and an open charging dock.