Voices from the Golden Age: The Golden Years MSYBT

To like music is an attitude to life, and to like HiFi is a feeling. I recently bought a Tivoli Audio MSYBT. Tivoli Audio, also known as the Golden Years, is a well-known American audio manufacturer. It was purchased by the British National Radio and presented to the Queen of England as a customized gift. Since then, it has also become the American National Radio NPR. Business partners provide them with customized products.


I realized that Tivoli Audio’s opportunity was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel during an overseas trip, and noticed a small stereo provided by Tivoli Audio for the hotel near the head of the bed, which has a radio function, and I lay on the bed at the end of the day. Listening to foreign radio stations and feeling the tuning of Tivoli Audio’s imitating HiFi tube, there is a feeling of dreaming back to the golden age.


Since then, I have fallen in love with Tivoli Audio, and soon after returning to China, I placed an order for Tivoli Audio’s MSYBT. Today I want to talk about this machine that is different from traditional HiFi audio. The Tivoli Audio MSYBT is not big in size. On the whole, it is about the same size as an ordinary desktop power amplifier. The shell is made of cherry wood, and the front and rear panels are made of metal. With the classic design, it gives people a kind of last century. taste.


This is also a major brand feature of Tivoli Audio. You can often find traces of the past years on their products, as if time has stagnated on their products. Of course, the internals of Tivoli Audio MSYBT are quite modern. Although the shape is retro, MSYBT has a lot of functions that modern Bluetooth speakers should have. It even takes into account the functions of radio and CD player. For a “lazy person” like me In other words, a multi-functional Bluetooth speaker is obviously a good partner for leisure time in the bedroom.


Tivoli Audio MSYBT has three units, namely the dual 3-inch full-range speakers located on the front panel and the independent subwoofer unit located at the bottom. The unit size has reached 5.25 inches to ensure the bass and strength. As a multi-functional all-in-one speaker, MSYBT’s unit quality is better than most similar products. With 7 hand-polished HDF speaker cavity inner layer, the sound texture remains pure and unique.


The front metal panel is equipped with many buttons, which also makes MSYBT look more chronological. Although there are many buttons, the operation is not complicated in fact. With the LCD screen, various functions and modes of the audio can be easily switched, such as Bluetooth Connection, FM, mono, dual, stereo, etc. Moreover, even if there are many buttons, the panel does not have a cluttered feeling. At the same time, it adopts a symmetrical design, which means that obsessive-compulsive disorder is basically satisfied. The center volume adjustment knob feels very good. Finally, a round shape is designed on the top of the box. The electroplating button can turn on mute and wake up sleeping devices with one key.



As an audio all-in-one machine, the back panel of MSYBT also integrates many sockets and functions. In addition to the FM antenna switch, it is also equipped with additional external FM and AM antenna ports. In addition, it also supports AUX audio input and mixing input and routing output interface, but also equipped with a bass volume adjustment knob. The last interface is under the left speaker side of the front panel. There is a good quality 3.5mm audio output port. If you don’t want music to disturb others, you can plug in headphones and enjoy music from here.



Having said that, the next step is the highlight. As a 5000+ speaker, can the sound quality be worth the price? Or is it possible to achieve value for money? After thinking about it for a while, I decided to try the effect of CD playback first, and it happened that I bought a lot of CDs some time ago. Thanks to the real 2.1-channel design and classic American pop tuning, MSYBT’s low frequency depth and power are quite excellent. However, the performance on the mid-to-high frequencies is indeed weaker. At first, there is a feeling of being hidden by the low frequencies. However, after manually adjusting the low-frequency volume and switching to stereo mode, the overall effect is much better.


Later I played “We Are the Champions”, “Ferry” and other music successively. I can basically confirm that this is a machine that is more suitable for pop, rock, jazz and other music. With its excellent low frequency quality, it can set off a good The atmosphere, coupled with the retro-style design, really gives people a sense of the times. It can be said that MSYBT is also qualified as a CD player.


After the CD, I used Bluetooth to directly connect to MSYBT to play. After all, the purchase of CDs is also a lot of money, and the electronic albums played by Bluetooth on mobile phones can save a lot. I also used songs such as “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and overall the effect was good, but I found that the low-frequency texture of MSYBT in Bluetooth mode is weaker than that of CD mode, and the separation has also decreased, but overall the gap is not big. In terms of cost and expenditure, this gap is acceptable to me.


As for the radio function, although I don’t use it much, I still tested it. The sensitivity and clarity are good. Although the sound quality is definitely not as good as CD and Bluetooth, it has a special flavor. Sometimes when I am idle at home on weekends, it is also very pleasant to turn on the radio, read a book and drink tea with the voice and music of the anchor.


In general, I think MSYBT is worth the price. Although as an all-in-one machine, its sound quality is definitely not as good as the multi-speaker combo set at the same price, but it also has the characteristics of easy placement and easy use . Moreover, the retro-style appearance can also add a lot of artistic flavor and sense of the times at home. For those who are too lazy to toss and want to enjoy the fun of life, MSYBT is an audio all-in-one machine worth a try.