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With Christmas approaching, many friends are having a hard time figuring out what gift to choose for Christmas.Today, I will talk about what gifts we boys may like from the perspective of a boy, as well as some issues that need to be paid attention to when choosing gifts.All right, let’s check it out.

1 PS5 / XBOX X/Switch game consoles

Although not all boys play video games, after all, there are a lot of boys who like playing games, and the game console just has a new release, so I will put game console as the first recommendation. At present, the game consoles are mainly divided into SONY’s PS series, Microsoft’s XBOX series and Nintendo’s Switch series. The three corresponding new products are the PS5, XBOX Series X and Switch Enhanced edition, which will be briefly introduced below.


The PS5, which was released in November, comes in digital version($399.99) and cd-ROM version($499.99) .


The XBOX Series X was also released this November.


XBOX Series X’s representative games are Microsoft’s “Halo” series. In addition, as a console produced by European and American manufacturers, there are also relatively more games about racing, shooting and sports.


The Switch series is by far the most widely understood console. It has been on sale for several years, and there is no news of product upgrades yet.


The representative games of Switch mainly include the Zelda series, Super Mario series, etc.


In addition, the Switch is the only one of the three consoles that has portability.

2 Electric shver

In theory, boys are supposed to grow beards, so razors are a must, and electric razors can be used for a long time, making them a good gift.Electric shavers can be divided into reciprocating and rotary shavers, reciprocating shavers can be divided into Braun, Panasonic and others, and rotary shavers can be divided into Philips and other brands.

3 cameras

If your boyfriend likes to travel or to take pictures, a good camera is also a great gift. A good camera is necessary for both object picture taking and people picture taking.


4 Mobile phones

Mobile phones, despite their low lifespan, are among the most frequently used electronic devices, which makes them appropriate gifts.As is known to all, smart phones are currently divided into two major platforms, namely Apple and Android. I suggest not sending a mobile phone across platforms. 



5 Mechanical keyboard

For the boys who love to play games and even love typing, they more or less will be interested in mechanical keyboard, you can consider sending a boy a mechanical keyboard. If he has a mechanical keyboard, you can secretly take off a key cap to see the color of the shaft, buying the same color shaft mechanical keyboard is the most secure choice.


6 Headsets

After the keyboard, let’s talk about headsets by the way. Why not the mouse?Because the mouse grip feeling is different from person to person, it’s a little bit hard to give recommendations.Headphones can be roughly divided into game headphones and music noise-cancelling headphones.



In summary, Here are some gifts that I think are suitable for boys. Of course, you can make appropriate adjustments according to your budget.In addition, things like Legos and puzzles that can be completed by two people are also great gifts that can be given according to the recipient’s interest.