7 Best Switch Games to Play in Spring Festival

It’s right to have a happy New Year and Spring Festival, and a Switch may be able to add a bit of joy. Today, I will share with you seven Switch games that should not be missed. After all, happiness is the most important thing.




The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I believe that many people understand and buy Switch because of Breath of the Wild. Although there are rumors that “Breath of the Wild 2” is about to be released at the current time, this does not affect the excellentness of Breath of the Wild. When it was first released, IGN, GameSpot, Polygon, and many other game media all gave a full score of 10 points. No matter the style of the game, the physics engine, the interactivity of the game, the combat system (the shield is invincible), the cooking system, the riding system, the character depiction, and various menus, everyone is praised.


I have experienced a lot when traveling in Hailaru, and I have also learned a lot.


I am Link, and Link is me.



It is highly recommended for couples with good relationships to play together. The series actually also has the Moving Out and the Overcooked 1, but compared to the first generation, The Overcooked 2 adds more varieties of dishes. Frying is the basis for the beginning of the game and more and more kitchen utensils will be used in the later period. Let you experience the joy of “division of labor and cooperation” and “crashing”.


The cooking process of “Overcooked! 2” is to take the ingredients, cut vegetables, process, serve, serve, wash the dishes, each time a guest orders a meal will be rewarded. The game has 36 levels in total, divided into six chapters, and some hidden levels are unlocked based on performance. Of course, there are also various difficulties during this period, and a good division of labor is the magic weapon for victory.


RingFit Adventure

The hottest Switch games in 2020. The RingFit Adventure is known as a real fitness game, requiring players to unlock maps and various fitness actions through constant fitness. At the same time, you can get money and special equipment, upgrade levels, offensive and defensive values, etc. by doing branch lines.



Mario Kart 8

As the latest version of Mario Kart, Mario Kart 8 is also based on kart racing, with some lively props to allow game players to interact with each other, which also greatly reduces The entry barrier of the game. But after the real connection, the gap between himself and the great god will be discovered. As a racing game, Ma 8 can be said to be suitable for small partners who want to play racing alone. At the same time, it is also a game that is worth starting with when it comes to parties and friends.




Super Mario Party

The Super Mario Party is a casual game created for gatherings of friends. The game supports dual-player and four-player online at the same time, including a variety of mini-games. Under the classic four-player battle or team play, there are more than 80 various types of mini-games. In the game, it is almost impossible for you to play repeated games, and all kinds of random content will make you feel fresh.


The “2 on 2” mode in the party is to determine the number of steps by the players in the team throwing dice, stacking the points thrown by the friends, and then choosing the walking method to continue the game. If you bought the Switch and want to play with other people, then a party is a great choice for you.


Splatoon 2

A third-person shooter game with single-player mode and online mode. In the single-player mode, you can experience different weapons to collect the scrolls and fishes of each level; the weapons in the online mode require you to upgrade online to unlock different weapons. After reaching level 30, all weapons will be unlocked. You need to start a 4 vs. 4 team battle in the battle. Use a variety of weapons to paint the ground of the battlefield with the colors of our team. The team with a large area of ​​color can win. The sales volume has exceeded 10 million in 20 years, but because of the need to play online, there are higher requirements on the Internet, and novices are easily abused, and veterans may be used to abuse.




Super Smash Bros

The style of the game is a refreshing, exaggerated multiplayer party style. In addition to the traditional “life count” blood tank, there is also a special parameter “damage value”. When the opponent’s damage value reaches 100% or more, when you use In the nirvana, accompanied by a powerful close-up, the opponent is blasted out of the field from a distance. This kind of refreshment is truly unparalleled. You can use Nintendo’s various characters and skills to fight in the game. Can’t afford all the games, but you can use them as much as you want in the chaos.


Of course, in addition to the games mentioned above, there are many excellent games for Switch, and everyone is welcome to share and exchange experiences.