Concise and Light- JEET ONE Wireless Headset

A concise product under this bustle of time.



Today I would like to share the JEET ONE wireless headset from JEET. The first feeling when I hold the pack is concise and clean, the whole pack looks just like Apple AirPods, which use white square box as the pack, the front has the image of the headset.



The pack contains the headset, Type C charge cable, specification and a small card. Because of the half in-ear design, it doesn’t have an ear plug. It has used a rounded design, even rounder than the Apple AirPods, with the brand JEET on the surface. It’s comfortable, light and small.



As I said before, the headset has a half in-ear design. One single headset weighs only 3.8g, which made me think  it only had a shell but nothing when I held it in my hand. This is the first time that I have had such a light headset. But I find the cap of the pack is not elastic but a plastic cap with a magnet. Maybe this is to make the product lighter.



The headset looks just like AirPods, but at the tail there is a little eage warping, which looks like a little elf’s ear when someone wears it. If you want to judge a headset, just put it on and try it. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.2, the connecting speed is pretty quick. With the 12.5 dynamic unit and 2.5 vibrating diaphragm, the alto and high pitch part is pretty impressive, but there is a little bit lack of bass part, which means it is more suitable for vocal music than bass music.



It has the tap function, when you double tap your the one on your right, it will play music. While double tap the left one is to wake up the voice assistant, the treble tap is to change to the next song. It also has a microphone , noise cancellation and a long period of endurance.  You can use one headset individually and it has  low latency game mode as well. In summary, it is a pretty nice and functional headset.