Bowers & Wilkins PX7 With Excellent Sound Quality

Bowers & Wilkins PX7 packaging is still a simple and atmospheric packaging design.



Some of the technical features of the PX7 are listed on the back, but I am concerned about the large 43.6mm audio unit, 30 hours of battery life and support for the latest APTX coding more.


What lies inside the unwrapped package is the complimentary headset box, while the PX7 itself lies inside the headset box.



The PX7’s hard headphone case is much more practical than the leathery soft package that came with the previous generation of PX.


Because PX7 cannot be folded, there is a streamline convex design on the front, which increases the volume of the earphone package. The material and work are quite good, and the woven texture of the surface feels very comfortable. However, it would be better if the color was changed to black in line with the theme of the carbon black limited edition.


There is also a small compartment inside the headphone case, which contains the attached 3.5mm headphone cable and USB-C to A data cable.



And it comes with an introduction picture, which is much simpler than reading the instruction book.



The general version of PX7 is a little low in saturation, and even the color of the real deep-space gray is a little light. I don’t like it very much, because the overall design style of PX7 becomes a little round, and the contrast between light and black will appear plump and not neat, but the new carbon black limited version has no such problem.


Carbon black limited version is the original woven surface and metal panels all black processing, the black body appears more clean and sharp.



PX7’s distinctive carbon material arm frame is a perfect match with the carbon black color match this time. The carbon fiber arm frame has a mottled texture, which makes the hand feel wonderful. However, I am a little worried about the strength of the connection with the earphones, as the metal material always brings less psychological security.


The interior units are angled so that they are closer to the ear canal.


However, the leather of PX7 earmuff and headrest should be reduced this time. It doesn’t feel like the fine and soft lambskin of P7 before. I didn’t find the official explanation, so I just regarded it as artificial leather or a little disappointed, we will talk about the specific wearing experience later.



The nano-coated woven fabric used in PX is definitely more durable than the leather used in P7, but I prefer the all-leather texture of the old P7. It’s like the difference between leather sofa and cloth sofa. The visual touch is definitely better than leather, but the durability choice is textile.


The metal trim panel has the Bowers & Wilkins LOGO, which is very metallic and very delicate, with diagonal details magnified in macro.The bar hole behind the LOGO is the sound hole of the noise-reducing microphone. In addition to the blackening of the whole body, the biggest difference from the ordinary version is that the edge of the metal decorative panel of the carbon black version has been polished for a circle, which is quite bright.



PX7 still uses the design of physical buttons. Although touch operation is popular in the earphones with the same positioning, Personally, I prefer the physical buttons, which can reduce mistouch and make the operation more convenient. However, I think the touch of PX7’s physical buttons is not so great, and I think the next generation can optimize it.


The shape of the PX7 is generally pretty, though a little rounder and less design-wise than the previous generation, the carbon black limited is more refined than the previous generation of PX and the other two regular versions




The wearing should be more improved


The inside ear cup filling of PX7 is a bit hard than competing goods, also partial tight beam and head, my head circumference is small, the actual take won’t have the feeling of clamp, but also not very comfortable, with long time waering is long also no obvious discomfort, but still can obviously feel the headset is actually take over your head, after all, 310 grams of weight is not light, as BOSE and SONY that bring no pressure, In addition, I think the PX7 earmuffs are not breathable with PX, so they should  be caused by not using the lambskin.


Top level sound quality above wireless noise cancelling headsets

Every Bowers & Wilkins’ product I have come into contact with may have some defects, but the sound quality has never been wrong. I am not a HIFI enthusiast, but I just simply like listening to music, while Bowers & Wilkins’ sound quality features are standard, comfortable and pleasant to listen to.While wired headphones sound better at this price, the target for wireless headphones is much less, and I can safely say that the PX7 is definitely the best at this price.


In terms of hardware, PX7 uses a 43.6mm unit, which is one year bigger than many 40mm units used for headset with the same positioning. Bluetooth 5.0 and the latest APTX protocol are also available. According to the official website, it is also designed and tuned by the same team behind the 800 Diamond series speaker.The PX7 just started was actually a little scary to me. With the surging low frequency, the PX7 has more sense of low frequency than the previous PX and P7. In addition, when the PX7 just started, the middle and high frequency and the sound field were not turned on, and the low frequency was even more prominent.Much better the next day, in the high frequency and sound field, soft neutral medium frequency vocals, comfortable and resistant to listen to, in the vocal performance is sufficient density, also has a lot of sense, the high frequency part is limited by the bluetooth transmission not too sweet, but don’t seem boring, additional PX7 resolving power is relatively good, details are sufficient, clear positioning, acoustic field is neat.


PX7’s low frequency in the same unit size of headphones also can calculate outstanding, feeling is very sufficient, cohesion and sense of speed at the same time is very good, in fact, many wireless headphones blindly increase the amount of low frequency, but most of the actual performance is stuffy and muddy, and PX7 low-frequency details are clearly feeling is doing very good, seem to be very in control.


PX7 has obvious progress is that the sound almost doesn’t change after the noise reduction.

Px7’s actual noise reduction performance is pretty good actually, first of all because of ear flaps tight, you can feel less noise from the environment after putting on, and after opening the noise reduction can also reduce a large part of the noise, when using it indoors you basically can’t hear the noise of air conditioning and computer operation, and when you are outdoors the noise from the cars can’t be heard as well so you can totally immersed in your own music world.


The overall performance of PX7 is very good, mainly because it meets my needs. In my opinion, the first task of wearing headphones is to listen to music, followed by comfort, appearance and noise reduction later.