This Bluetooth headset is really awesome, NANK South Carolina Lite Pro evaluation


In the smart era, if you have a good mobile phone, you need a wireless headset that suits you. NANK South Carolina Lite Pro takes the lead in entering the new field of Bluetooth wireless headsets with ten leading technologies such as Bluetooth 5.2 chip, 13mm dynamic unit, special custom-upgraded low-latency game mode, custom ceramic antenna, dual host mode, etc. What will she bring us Surprise? Let’s experience it together! .



The NANK South Carolina Lite Pro packaging box looks very high-end, with the South Carolina logo in the middle, with the name of the headset on it, and the English phrase “the best gift” below, which translates to “the best gift”. On the back, there are the black and white pictures of the headset and the main functions, so that consumers can see at a glance.



NANK South Carolina Lite Pro packaging box is a double-layer design, the inner packaging box is a magnetic flip design, open the inner packaging box, you can see the charging compartment and accessory box, two earphones in the charging compartment. The accessories in the accessory box include: product manual, charging cable for Type-C charging port. Everyone is here, here is a family portrait: product manual, charging cable for Type-C charging port, headset body, charging compartment.



Product parameters:

Brand Model: Lite Pro

Wearing method: semi-in-ear

Bluetooth version: Qualcomm QCC3040 5.2

Bluetooth protocol: HPP/HSP /AVRCP/A2DP

Charging compartment battery capacity: 350mAh

Battery type: polymer lithium battery

Sensitivity: 97dB

Frequency response range: 20-20KHz


product details:

NANK South Carolina Lite Pro has two colors, black and white, this one is dazzling white. The exterior design of the charging compartment is very novel, using natural carved pebbles, and piano baking varnish, smooth and round in the hand, and comfortable to hold. The middle position of the front is the product LOGO, the bottom is the indicator light, and the bottom is the popular and practical Type-C charging interface. The back is single white.



NANK South Carolina Lite Pro charging compartment cover adopts a magnetic design. After opening, you can see that the left and right earphones should be placed in the corresponding positions of the charging compartment.


NANK South Carolina Lite Pro earphone shell is made of natural pebbles, curved ear handles, smooth and round, delicate touch. The earphones are divided into left and right, and the left and right handles are marked with “L” and “R” respectively.


The sound hole is protected by a nylon net to prevent dust and other intrusion.


One-key multi-function touch:

NANK South Carolina Lite Pro adopts one-key multi-function touch, which can be operated with a single tap, switch music, adjust the volume, support wake-up voice assistant, anti-inadvertent touch design, and change the pause operation from single-click to double-click to prevent accidental pause during touch Or play music, very thoughtful design.


Product measurement

Wearing aspect:

NANK South Carolina Lite Pro adopts a semi-in-ear ergonomic design. The headset is firmly supported at three points, which fits the contours of Asian ears, is stable to wear, and will not fall during exercise. The body is exquisite and compact. A single earphone weighs only 4 g (the official data is 3.8 g). It is as light as nothing on the ear and comfortable to wear.




The charging compartment adopts a magnetic design, and the earphones can be charged in the charging compartment. The charging compartment uses the Type-C interface for fast charging, and the battery compartment can be fully charged in about two hours, and the charging speed is quite fast. The indicator light in the charging compartment is flashing green when charging, and the indicator light is green when it is fully charged.



Bluetooth connection open the cover in seconds:

The NANK Lite Pro headset uses a Hall switch. It connects as soon as it is opened, and it connects in seconds after opening the cover. It is a quick step. Before you put on the headset, it is already in use, which is very convenient.

NANK South Carolina Lite Pro built-in Qualcomm 3040 chip, the latest Bluetooth 5.2, plus a fully upgraded ceramic antenna, dual host design, three-layer enhancement, longer connection distance, more stable signal, stronger anti-interference ability and anti-oxidation ability, this It ensures the stability of the headset during high-speed transmission to ensure that the signal is stable and durable, and the effective transmission distance can reach up to 20 meters.


HD decoding for sound quality:

NANK South Carolina Lite Pro customized 13mm large-size dynamic unit, with titanium-plated three-layer polymer composite diaphragm, also supports APTX high-definition decoding and AAC high-speed transmission decoding sound effects, restores CD-level sound quality effects, allowing you to enjoy in different scenes The sound of nature. When listening to music, the human voice is clear and emotional, with a high degree of restoration, high and middle bass balance, low frequency volume and rebound just right, the middle and high frequencies are pure and clear, long-lasting, and every detail of the music is truthfully analyzed.


NANK South Carolina Lite Pro’s dual-host design, left and right ears have independent chips and complete circuits, both sides are hosts, you can freely switch between single and double ears according to your needs, which is more convenient. When listening to music, use two headphones at the same time, and the music can show high-definition sound quality and more three-dimensional.


In terms of noise reduction, double wheat noise reduction:

Each headset of NANK South Carolina Lite Pro has two built-in microphones. The front microphone is responsible for identifying human voices; the rear microphone is responsible for identifying and filtering environmental noise. At the same time, it is equipped with ENC noise reduction technology to improve call quality and automatically reduce environmental noise, even in noisy environments In the sound, talking and listening to music are also very clear.


Game mode delay drops:

The NANK South Carolina Lite Pro headset is specially customized to upgrade the low-latency game mode. The game mode can be activated by three taps on the right ear, and the delay is instantly reduced by 50% to ensure that we can connect audio and video when playing e-sports games. Debate position to seize the opportunity. The communication with teammates in the game is very clear, and there is almost no delay in game operation and sound feedback, which makes the game more interesting.


Strong battery life:

The charging bay capacity of NANK South Card Lite Pro is 350mAh, coupled with the low-power solution of Qualcomm 3040 chip, making the headset have a full battery life of up to 7 hours and the overall battery life of up to 28 hours, which can meet the needs of travel The need for music.


Evaluation summary:

NANK South Carolina Lite Pro is a semi-in-ear Bluetooth headset with a mini and exquisite appearance, sleek and high-end. Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear. Functionally equipped with a new generation of Qualcomm 3040 upgrade Bluetooth 5.2 chip, one-click acceleration game ultra-low latency, 13mm large dynamic unit, dual microphone ENC noise reduction, more than 28 hours of battery life, friends who like it can start to experience it, believe not It will disappoint everyone.

A little suggestion:

Configure a storage bag for the charging compartment to better protect the charging compartment.