Tribit FlyBuds 1 wireless headset- low price with tenfold enjoyment

Nowadays, a bluetooth headset is likely to take the place of a traditional ware headset. Compared to the wire headset, the bluetooth headset is more convenient for  use in our daily life. With the application of Bluetooth 5.0, the delay and stability of wireless bluetooth headset have been highly promoted. For the users who like sports, the in-ear headset is clearly a better choice, which doesn’t have an  uncomfortable feeling with the neck.  And the light design is more popular. Tribit FlyBuds 1 bluetooth headset is the right answer, to the sports lovers, which comforts the demands of the users. 


Let’s have a clear look. The outer packing is very simplified, nothing but the logo in the center. After opening the packing, you will see the introduction page on the top, under the page, you can find the charging box and accessories box. They are pretty well-packed in the box, which ensures safety during transportation. 


It has a round charge compartment with a frosted surface. The logo locates at the center. Also, it has a strap at the connecting point, which is easy to carry and it has got a rubber plug for USB Type-C access, preventing water and dust.





It is very easy to open with a groove. The base is black, the same as the headset. Above the headset there are four charge lights. The headset, not the charge box has the L/R sign. The sign is also the control button, with only 100g press pressure, we can have an accurate adjustment on it. 


Under the four indicator lights is the position for charging. Although it has a sign for left and right, you can put either one into your left or right ear. They work the same so you don’t need to worry about the order.


The surface is sweatproof and has a pretty good hand touch.  The design is just like the theory of the brand, simplified and in fashion.


Besides the fashion design, it has got a double noise cancelling function so you can enjoy your own musical world without disturbing. And the orange ring is another highlight as well. 


It supports IPX8 degree waterproofness, and the PCBA nano-coating resists bothering from rain and sweat, so you could enjoy your music while sweating while exercising. You can choose to use both or either one of them to have fantastic enjoyment. Isn’t it look like a cute duck or penguin? You can’t resist to holding it in your hand.



The fittings include charge cable, five pairs substitutable ear plugs, a specification and a strap. You can change the proper ear plug you want to, to have a comfortable wearing and better noise cancelling effect.


When you are charging your headset, with four lights on it is fully charged, which takes 2 hours, and it could be used for 20 hours. It could also do wireless charging, you can’t find such a cost-effective product on the market.



The 8MM dynamic hardcore unit brings the music experience to another level, it can express different types of music easily with better sense. And I believe the mega bass effect will surely impress you. The weight of the charge box is only 53.8g, which is pretty light. It’s like nothing in your ear while you are wearing it and it fits well. During the running test, it will not fall out when you shake your head, and no discomfort in the half an hour test. 

Does high prices mean a high level of sound? Tribit FlyBuds 1 proves it is not quite right. This headset has a pretty nice look and the 8MM dynamic unit ensures sound quality. The double noise cancelling ensures music listening and phone calls are taken easily. Regardless of left and right, supporting double mode of charging, 20 hours’ endurance, even many high price headsets can not do that. Tribit FlyBuds 1 costs less than 30 dollars, which is quite worthwhile.