Automatic noise reduction of the Sabine wireless sound card, the volume is ridiculously small

Sabine has launched a more professional radio equipment — The Sabine AudioWow wireless sound card, adding the sound card function, feel more professional and more interesting.



The core competitiveness of this product is the small body, sound collecting is very professional.Compared with the bluetooth headset, its sound collecting effect beats the headset a lot. Compared with the wireless microphones on the market, it has no receiver, no cumbersome wires, and is smaller and easier to use.However, for one thing, the transmission distance is certainly not as far as the wireless microphone, but for most creators, it meets the requirements of the scene.Personally, I prefer its noise reduction performance and the sound effect settings in its APP.



Why are so many microphones’ noise-reducing can not make the user satisfied? Because many microphones are doing “fake noise reduction”.The so-called “fake noise reduction” refers to the low sensitivity or heart-shaped direction, which can only suppress the noise in a certain direction, resulting in the noise reduction is not so perfect, which is not applicable to many scenes. Some “fake noise reduction” will suppress all the sounds, which will lead to the impact on the human voice, and this makes the sound collecting even less perfect.


The noise reduction scheme of Sabine AudioWow wireless sound card is quite technical, with great adjustments to the sensitivity and direction, which will not affect the sound quality, and the noise reduction depth can reach 70dB. In addition, it also supports multi-stage adjustable, which can greatly suppress the noise. This active noise reduction scheme has reduced a lot of trouble for the later clip for video.



In particular, the software with Sabien is both simple and professional, almost  every function is required by the creator. The level of noise reduction, the volume of the music mix, and the way the mic is received can be adjusted in the software, apparently for a better experience for short video creators.In noisy environment, level 0 noise reduction is applied, and the acoustic wave has great fluctuation. Level 1 noise reduction is obvious, so it can be seen that the noise is controlled. When level 3 noise reduction is used, the external noise is very well controlled.