Your girlfriend would love it-NANK Lite Pro just like the compact

NANK Lite Pro wireless earphones eschew away the black and white packaging of most electronics, opting instead for a beige color that symbolizes elegance and romance, cleanliness and warmth.



Do you know the three must-haves in a woman’s purse?Mirror, comb, compact! Mirror and comb are more common, powder compact is a round box, there are powder puff inside for facial make up.The NAKA Lite Pro is designed to look like a powder puff box. It is round and cute.


Do you know why powder puff boxes are designed to be round?One is because girls have small hands;The second reason is that the circle is easy to take and put in the bag, so it won’t hang and pull other things.So the round NANK Lite Pro is already qualified as a woman’s friend by the design. At the bottom of the battery compartment of NANK Lite Pro is the Type-C charging port, which can be charged from 0 to 100% in only 2 hours. The battery life of single ear can reach 6-7 hours, and the battery life can be up to 28 hours with the battery compartment.


The NANK Lite Pro uses a Qualcomm 3040 chip, it supports the latest Bluetooth 5.2 protocol, and uses an antioxidant ceramic antenna.Compared with 5.0, Bluetooth 5.2 has more centimeter-level positioning, stronger stability and long-distance transmission, and the connection distance is directly doubled, reaching 20 meters.


The bluetooth 5.2 chip of Qualcomm 3040 is with low power consumption, fast transmission, stable connection, and good sound quality.


Good sound quality comes from its flagship parsing power, when being connected to Android phones, it supports apt-X and HD decoding protocol, which would close to CD level music experience.When being connected to the iPhone, which supports AAC, it would not be that good but still way better than regular headphones.


The NANK Lite Pro uses a 13mm large dynamic unit with a wide sound field and has been tuned by foreign music master.High pitch is transparent and bass is shocking. It has specially made the human voice enhancement, which sounds pleasant to the ear. The EQ style is very pleasing to the ears.




There’s a nice little detail in NANK, which is the Hall switch.Just open the lid of the battery compartment and the headset will automatically connect back to the phone.It’s a little faster than most phones that needs to take out the headset and  then connecting to the phone.


The single headset of NANK Lite Pro weighs just 3.8g and is perfect for girlfriends.The semi-in-ear shape is designed according to the Asian ear structure. It is stable to wear on a daily basis. It is also excellent for running occasionally.



The Lite Pro has a compact round design and is very recognizable.It should attract a lot of female friends.The overall configuration is medium to the top, the sound quality is pleasing to the ears, and the battery life is also good, it is a wireless earphone worth buying.