Karaoke at Anytime You Want with Snowman Microphone

For girls, singing is probably one of our nature, although there is no beautiful voice and professional skills, but singing is just for feeling happy.Having fun, that’s enough.

In fact, many times we ordinary people’s voice skills is not enough, and you don’t have the kind of special effects in studio, but now many karaoke artifact can be more or less to make up for any deficiencies in your voice or techniques,  the snowman microphone is your right choice.

The microphone’s appearance is special lovely, red embellishment of the white fuselage plus the outside of the super cute fluffy decoration, which is comfortable when holding in the hand.The name of the little snowman is worthy of the name.

This microphone uses twin 7.5W loudspeakers to ensure volume and sound quality.If you have two, wireless chorus for two is also supported.



The charging interface adopts the mainstream C port.Charging at home is common with mobile phones.

This microphone supports singing, bluetooth speaker playing and dual microphone chorus mode.Audio direct recording is also supported, but many phones now don’t have a 3.5mm interface, so TYPEC adapters are required for direct recording.



With a built-in battery capacity of 2,600 mah, it can last for more than 10 hours in moderate volume mode.




It is relatively simple to use. If you find the microphone through the bluetooth of your mobile phone, you can open the karaoke software and start singing.The plus and minus keys can adjust the volume of the microphone.







The microphone’s functions are pretty powerful, which supports KTV sound effects, original sound effects, concert sound effects, little monster sound effects, robot sound effects and little snowman sound effects.

KTV sound effect, which is with KTV environment sound and imitating KTV singing effect.Original sound effect is without any embellishment or post-processing, suitable for recording their own original sound.Music hall sound effect is like singing in the concert hall.Little monster sound effect is a very funny sound changing effect, children especially like that.Robot sound effect is the robot metal sound.Snowman sound effect is singing like the sound of a cute baby.



So it is such an enjoyment to sing by this microphone, no matter linking to the phone or pad or listenning to the music, this microphone can offer all the help.