This pink wireless earphone looks so cute, pretty girls must have it!

Of course, without earphone cable is indeed a lot more convenient, but most of the true wireless Bluetooth earphones on the market are black or white, lacking in personality, and are not suitable for the fashionable ladies who love beauty.

Skullcandy’s latest Indy ANC is more suitable for women and brings a refreshing feeling both from appearance and color matching. 




The Skullcandy Indy ANC charging compartment is slightly larger than those of common AirPods and other true wireless Bluetooth headsets, but the larger volume can bring longer battery life and charging speed. Compared to the previous generation, the battery life of the product, including the earphone charging compartment, has been increased from the original 16 hours to 9+23 hours of ultra-long battery life. Generally, the battery life of a true wireless Bluetooth headset with a charging compartment is within 20 hours, and few can exceed 24 hours.


At the same time, the Skullcandy Indy ANC charging compartment has also added wireless fast charging technology. When you return home or to the office, you can quickly recharge the battery compartment and earphones by simply placing them on the wireless charging board.


In terms of wired charging, Skullcandy Indy ANC comes standard with a Type-C interface, which is common with the current mainstream Android mobile phone charging cable, and charging is very convenient.


In addition to the pair of ear wings and earplugs that come with the earphone, Skullcandy also comes with a set of smaller ear wings and two sets of earplug sleeves of different sizes, which is convenient for users to change according to their ear canal size without additional purchase other earplugs.


The pink color is indeed very beautiful. With the skull logo on the front, it is quite recognizable.


The earplug sleeves and ear wings are designed in the same color as the logo, and the double color contrast design makes the earphone more layered and more fashionable. The earphone adopts a long-handled shape design, which is more firm to wear. By tapping the skull logo, you can flexibly wake up the phone’s voice assistant, change music, adjust the volume, answer calls, switch modes, and other functions. Compared with the design that is adjusted by the earphone handle, it is more practical. The false touch rate during use is also lower.



Skullcandy Indy ANC is the same as Apple AirPods. After the first use of connection and pairing, the automatic connection can be completed by simply opening the cover and taking out the earphones. At the same time, the binaural earphones are automatically paired.






In terms of wearing, the weight of a single ear of 6g and the not too deep in-ear design coupled with very soft silicone ear tip sleeves, coupled with the ergonomically designed round cavity, will not bring as strong as many in-ear headphones. The comfort level of wearing is close to that of a semi-in-ear earphone without worrying about the discomfort caused by ear pressure.



The 12mm composite diaphragm dynamic unit and Skullcandy’s years of professional training experience can obtain more sound details. The treble is transparent and undistorted, and the bass is thick and pure. The overall sound is delicate and not stuffy. The restoration of the music itself is still very good.

Indy ANC is also Skullcandy’s first active noise reduction true wireless earphone. The earphone is equipped with an audio decoder that supports 24bit 192KHz high-definition sampling rate decoding. It integrates dual active noise reduction technology to achieve noise suppression and echo cancellation. Skullcandy Indy ANC provides three different noise reduction modes, namely: environmental mode, normal mode, and noise reduction mode, corresponding to our daily outing activities, music listening, and taking transportation.