Huawei Band 6 has been released, it is the biggest competitor of Mi Band

With the increasing integration of electronic products, the functions of smart wearable electronic products have become more abundant, which can satisfy people’s health detection and understanding of their physical conditions.

As a convenient physical health monitoring tool, smart bracelets are very popular with consumers.

In addition to Xiaomi, Huawei bracelets are also products favored by consumers.

Recently, Huawei officially launched a new generation of products in overseas markets-Huawei Band 6.

According to the official introduction, Huawei Band 6 uses a 1.4-inch large-size AMOLED full-screen design, which is nearly 1.5 times larger than the previous generation’s display area, and can display more data content.

In addition, the body of Huawei Band 6 is lighter and thinner, weighing only 18g.

Although Huawei Band 6 has a larger screen and a lighter and thinner body, it has a built-in 180mAh large battery that lasts up to two weeks.

The bracelet supports magnetic fast charging, which can be used for 2 days after 5 minutes of charging.

In terms of performance, Huawei Band 6 adds continuous blood oxygen monitoring function for the first time.

It supports TruSeen TM 4.0 heart rate monitoring, TruSleep TM 2.0 sleep monitoring, TruRelax TM 2.0 stress monitoring and heart health management, etc., so that users can control their physical condition.

In addition, the Huawei Band 6 has 96 sports modes, which are directly more than dozens of monitoring modes than the Mi Band 6.

Combined with the built-in automatic movement recognition function of the bracelet and professional movement algorithm analysis, it can provide more scientific exercise results.