My HUAWEI family bucket is assembled!

My Huawei family bucket is here, and I’d like to share the use experience with you.

Mobile phone: Huawei P40 

Watch: Huawei WATCH GT2

Earphones: Huawei Freebuds Pro 


For the phone, as Huawei’s flagship phone, it is very smooth to use. In my case, my hand is small, so a small screen phone is necessary, and then a 5G+ good processor can meet my needs. In addition, Huawei’s battery life and fast charging function are impressive!

For the watch, the original intention of buying this watch is to swim and monitor sleep. Most of my swimming records are very accurate. And its battery life is not bad, I charge it only once or twice a week.

For the Earphones, I have always wanted to buy a pair of wireless earphones. This model has a smart noise reduction function, which can adjust different noise reduction modes and is very functional. In addition, its battery life is far beyond that of Airpods, you don’t have to charge it once a day.