Huawei: Harmony OS system will land in Europe next year

Recently, Derek Yu, president of Huawei’s consumer business in Central and Eastern Europe, Northern Europe and Canada, was interviewed during an exchange in Romania. During this period, he said that Huawei’s Harmony OS system will land in the European market next year.

A reporter asked why nova 9 did not run HarmonyOS like the models in the Chinese market. Derek Yu replied: In June this year, we released HarmonyOS 2.0, which of course is mainly for the Chinese market.

Currently we have more than 100 million users, and they are very satisfied with the experience brought by the Harmony system. When users switch from Android to Harmony OS, satisfaction increased by 10%

Derek Yu also said: For European users, we will launch Harmony OS from next year (2022).

It is worth noting that the main battlefield of the Harmony OS system is the Chinese market. Most Huawei phones in overseas markets still use EMUI, which is very different from Harmony OS.

According to the news released by Huawei a few days ago, 135 Huawei devices have been upgraded to the official version of Harmony OS, and 6 devices are being recruited inside, and the number of Huawei devices that have been upgraded has exceeded 150 million.