Huawei MateX2 will be released on February 22, will bring a new form of phone

In the field of smart phones, folding screens have always symbolized the future direction of mobile phones. It is not only a simple form change, but also technological changes such as the back screen and battery. Both Huawei and Samsung have made their own mature products on folding screen mobile phones, behind which are both the manufacturers’ own high-investment research and development and the cooperation and support of the supply chain. In the joint exploration of large companies, those smart devices that only appeared in laboratories in the past have now become reality.



At present, full-screen mobile phones are becoming more and more mature, the external form of mobile phones has reached a bottleneck period, and the transformation of the physical display space is about to stop. In this context, the folding screen mobile phone carries brand-new technology and new interactive methods. It can expand small devices the size of mobile phones to display on a larger screen, expand the content space, and provide multi-tasking and high-efficiency work. The new possibilities come, and therefore become an important direction for manufacturers. How to make folding mobile phones more usable and more refined is the primary goal of the next stage.

Recently, there is a warm-up Weibo for folding mobile phones. Combined with patent information, it can be seen that as a new generation of folding flagship, Huawei MateX2 is expected to adopt an internal folding solution, which will break through the previous work and achieve higher screen light transmittance and better folding effect.


Huawei’s first-generation folding screen flagship Mate X was released during the 2019 MWC exhibition. This machine adopts an eagle-wing outward folding scheme. It is 6.6 inches when controlled by one hand and up to 8 inches when unfolded. Due to the groundbreaking design, the machine is highly sought after being sold. The second-generation Huawei Mate Xs 5G kernel is upgraded, equipped with the Kirin 990 SoC and the new EMUI 10.0.1 operating system. The performance and interaction have been improved. It can be said that it is the best experience in the market for folding screen mobile phones.


The first two generations did not have significant changes in appearance and shape. This generation will break this situation and will usher in a significant update in folding methods, crease processing, and system adaptation. According to supply chain news, Huawei MateX2 will adopt a new internal folding design. The screen suppliers are Samsung, BOE, etc. The hinge process is further upgraded, which can achieve complete folding in half, bid farewell to the bulge shape, and will make great progress increase control. . At the same time, the internal folding design can also make the flexible screen no longer exposed, and bring better protection to the phone.


It is understood that the internal folding main screen of Huawei MateX2 will have a higher screen-to-body ratio, with a screen size of 8.01 inches and an external secondary screen size of 6.45 inches.


We know that Huawei’s first two generations of foldable mobile phones have had a strong response in the market. This time, with the upgrading of the industry’s manufacturing process, a stable high yield rate is gradually achieved. With the significant increase in panel production capacity of Samsung, BOE, Visionox, and Huaxing Optoelectronics, the phenomenon of a widespread shortage of foldable-screen phones earlier will also be certain. ease. It can be said that Huawei MateX2 is expected to achieve a real “increased volume without price increase”, allowing more users to enjoy the fun of folding-screen phones.


After completing the initial exploration of the folding screen, Huawei MateX2 was born under a more mature product strategy. I believe that whether it is in terms of software adaptation and system optimization, or the iterative advancement of hardware technology, this generation of mobile phones can bring more ultimate, more innovative and more efficient folding screen product experience. We also expect Huawei MateX2 to bring more excitement in terms of screen display, body thickness, and large-screen interaction logic.