Huawei P50/ Pro/Pro+ renderings are all exposed, let’s check out the differences

Although Huawei was sanctioned by the United States, the Huawei P50 series did not die. It is reported that Huawei’s P50 series will be released in June and will include three new phones: P50, P50 Pro, and P50 Pro+.

With the approaching of the release time, online news about this series of new machines is also increasing. On May 13, a digital blogger exposed the renderings of three new Huawei P50 series! Let’s take a sneak peek.

The exposed pictures show that the rear camera modules of the three new Huawei P50 series all adopt a double circular design. The P50 has three rear cameras, with two cameras in the upper circle, and another camera and flash in the lower circle. The phone is available in at least orange color.


The P50 Pro rear camera module is also composed of two circles, but the overall area is larger! Three lenses are placed in the circle at the top, and a periscope lens and a flash are placed in the circle below. The mobile phone adopts a gradient green design, and the color gradually deepens from top to bottom.


The P50 Pro+ also has a double circular design, and the rear camera module seems to be larger, with a total of 5 cameras. In the circle at the top are three lenses, and in the circle at the bottom are two lenses and a flash. The phone is available in at least one black color.


According to the picture, the three new Huawei P50 series cameras have the words LEICA on the rear camera modules, indicating that the cameras are manufactured in cooperation with Leica.

All three mobile phones adopt a center dot hyperboloid screen design, and the upper and lower borders of the mobile phone are ultra-narrow. In terms of configuration, as Huawei’s flagship phone of the year, the Huawei P50 series should be equipped with Kirin 9000 chips.