Huawei’s “lipstick earphone” is here! How do you like it?

At the moment, TWS true wireless headphones have become one of the must-have items in the list of every young man’s technology products.

Compared with other wearable products, the usage scenarios of TWS headsets are more diversified. Whether it is daily commuting, workplace office, school study or home entertainment, TWS headsets are just needed.

In addition, in addition to the functional requirements of TWS headsets, users often have an extra layer of fashion attribute requirements, so the appearance of the headset is also very demanding.

Especially for female users, a TWS headset with high-value and stylish design can highlight their own taste, and its importance is no less than the lipstick in the bag.

Let’s first look at the appearance. The appearance of Huawei’s “lipstick headset” was designed by the designer of Huawei’s Paris Aesthetics Research Center.

The appearance of the charging box subverts the design concept of the traditional TWS earphone box and successfully creates a three-dimensional “lipstick” appearance that is luxurious and sensory.

The all-metal body full of luster, like a luxury, gives girls high-end, gorgeous and infinite charm. Huawei’s “lipstick earphones” use neat cut surfaces combined with rounded corners, with classic honey words and trendy frosty colors, to fully demonstrate the two-sided charm of women.

This sense of luxury and luxury has never been seen on any previous TWS headset. This appearance resembles a “lipstick”, making the outer box not only a “charging box”, but also a luxury accessory that can be worn like jewelry, which is extremely recognizable.

Looking at the material again, in addition to the appearance comparable to luxury lipsticks, Huawei’s “lipstick headset” is also extremely sophisticated in its selection of materials.

Using more expensive luxury-grade stainless steel, the texture and temperament are fully displayed after the double craftsmanship of manual polishing and polishing + micron-level coating.

In addition, the designer uses CNC technology on the 8 sides to grind out a small arc with a radius of about 0.5 mm, making the grip feel silky smooth.

Moreover, at the 3 corners of the upper and lower bottom surfaces of the Huawei “lipstick earphone” box, the designers draw an obtuse-angled outline with a radius of about 100 mm, and the style inherits the oriental mellow and harmonious design.