HUAWEI FreeLace Pro earphone: dual active noise-cancellation

Bluetooth headsets have become popular. The FreeLace earphone launched by HUAWEI last year is waterproof, with long battery life and sporty color matching. It has become a good sports partner. HUAWEI launched the FreeLace Pro earphones the following year, positioned as the high-end version of FreeLace. It uses a similar design and also adds features such as dual active noise cancellation.




It is a GRAPHITE BLACK wireless headset with a total length of 862.4mm, a cable length of 814mm, and a weight of 34g. It is made of aluminum alloy material, with a high-gloss mirror design, a very advanced feeling!



In addition, the left earphone grip of HUAWEI FreeLace Pro has “HUAWEI” printed on the outside and “L” on the inside. On the upper part of the right earphone grip, there is a raised power button and indicator, the outer side has the volume key and function key. The inner side is printed with “R”, which means Right. Under this key, it can be unplugged to become a Type-C interface.

First of all, this FreeLace Pro supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Type-C flash connection. However, Swift Link only supports HUAWEI EMUI 9.1.


This FreeLace Pro has a Type-C interface like the previous generation of Free Lace, which can be connected to a mobile phone or tablet for charging.


If you have many devices, then you are more suitable to use the HUAWEI FreeLace Pro because it has a Double Press Switch function, just double-click the power button, you can quickly switch to another connected Bluetooth device, the operation is very simple and convenient. 



What’s more, just long-press the left earphone to turn on the switch of noise cancellation mode, transparent transmission mode, and turn off the noise cancellation mode. And the power button can help me switch the machine, pair the Bluetooth, or switch to the previous Bluetooth device. There is a small indicator light below the power button. Different colors and flashing states represent different conditions of the earphone.

The function keys can not only play or pause music but also start the voice assistant, reject calls and switch songs.


It is equipped with a 14.2mm dynamic unit, supports dual active noise cancellation and microphone call noise reduction functions, so the overall sound quality is quite good.



This HUAWEI FreeLace Pro has a very thoughtful design. When you take off the earphones, once the two earphones are close, the iron will be automatically closed, and your ongoing music or video will also be automatically paused.



In terms of wearing experience, HUAWEI FreeLace Pro will not feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable feeling of pressure when worn for a long time, and there will be no earphones loosening in the case of intense movements such as running. The overall wearing comfort is still very good.


In addition, this FreeLace Pro is equipped with an IP55 waterproof and dustproof rating, so you don’t have to worry about sweating while wearing it!


In terms of battery life, HUAWEI FreeLace Pro can achieve up to 24 hours of use when it is fully charged and the noise reduction function is turned off, and even if the noise reduction function is turned on, it can maintain 16 hours of use. And you can check the battery level of HUAWEI FreeLace Pro in the AI ​​Life App.


As an upgrade of HUAWEI FreeLace, the HUAWEI FreeLace Pro wireless earphone is full of sincerity in the overall experience. Such as the newly added dual active noise cancellation and ambient sound transparent transmission functions, and even the battery life, sound quality, fast charging, and connection experience have been fully upgraded. This HUAWEI FreeLace Pro wireless earphone can be called the most cost-effective Bluetooth earphone in the same price range.