IKEA and Apple have teamed up to launch smart home buttons!

According to foreign media reports, IKEA together with Apple’s smart home ecosystem HomeKit have launched home shortcut buttons that can control smart home appliances in one control. Although Apple’s own mobile phones and computers and other hardware are pretty good, in the field of smart homes, if you want to enrich it, you need more third-party partners and more manufacturers to cooperate.


IKEA is obviously an important force in the HomeKit ecosystem. At present, they have introduced scene support in the latest Home Smart software update, which is used to control multiple smart home products with one click, such as users setting alarms, curtains open, lights on, and many more. Users of IKEA Tradfri gateways running the new 1.12.31 firmware can now configure scenarios to control multiple home smart products at the same time.


This update also supports IKEA’s new shortcut button. This button can be installed near the front door. Anyone can click the shortcut button “All OFF” when leaving home to turn off all lights and smart appliances in the home with one click. This smart home shortcut button will be on sale soon, the price will be 9.99 euros (around RM49).