Disappointed! iPhone 13 has been tested with under-screen fingerprint technology, but the tech will not be launched this year

It is reported that Apple will not launch the under-screen fingerprint Touch ID technology in this year’s iPhone 13. The company’s “long-term goal” is to integrate the Face ID face recognition sensor into the screen.

According to sources, although Apple has tested the under-screen Touch ID technology for the next-generation flagship iPhone, it has not been able to meet the standard this year.

He believes that Apple will push Face ID technology in the higher-end version of the iPhone, and the long-term goal is to integrate Face ID into the screen.

In the future, Apple may adopt two strategies for Face ID and Touch ID technologies: One is that more expensive phones may support Face ID under the screen, and low-end phones will put Face ID in the “bangs”.

On the other hand, high-end mobile phones also support under-screen Face ID, but low-end models will use under-screen Touch ID.

In fact, there has been news before that Apple is testing the fingerprint technology on the iPhone, but the iPhone 13 will not use it.

The next generation of iPhone SE may be the first to use, so that it can get rid of the troubles of traditional screens.