iPhone 14 is exposed: Will Apple finally adopt the screen design that totally abandon bangs?

Now some netizens have sent some news about the iPhone 14. Judging from the details of the news, it is really too tempting. People instantly lost interest in the iPhone 13.

The news mentioned that iPhone 14 will cancel the bangs and switch to a front punch design, while the back camera will not protrude.

The main reason is that the thickness of the mobile phone has increased, and the body is made of titanium alloy. The volume and speaker design will be adjusted to match the iPhone 4 era.

As for the interface of the iPhone 14, some of the mobile phone models may retain the Lightning interface and may be equipped with a 48-megapixel main camera.

What is even more incredible is that the whistleblower actually exposed the so-called iPhone 14 engineering mobile phone model.

As for whether the iPhone 14 will end up like this, it is not certain, after all, there are some rendering elements in it.