iPad 8 official refurbished version: Apple’s cost-effective tablet is more cheaper

Apple’s tablet product line is currently divided into four categories: iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro, and prices and configurations have also increased sequentially.

The iPad is currently the cheapest product, and the 32GB iPad is CNY2499.

This week, following the official refurbished version of the iPad Pro 2020 (A12Z processor) on the shelves in some regional stores, the official refurbished version of iPad 8 is also on sale.

Take the North American Mall as an example, the starting price of 32GB has been lowered to US$279, which is 15% cheaper than the US$329 of a brand new tablet. The top with 128GB cellular version is even cheaper by 90 dollars.

According to Apple, the official refurbished products have undergone thorough cleaning, inspection, maintenance, testing, etc., and enjoy a one-year warranty like the new iPad, and customers can purchase Apple Care+ extended warranty services, but they will use special packaging.

It is reported that the eighth generation of the current iPad was released in September 2020. The main selling points include a 10.2-inch display and A12 processor, and the classic fingerprint Home button is retained on the front.

It is also worth mentioning that rumors that the iPad 9 will be released within the year, the processor is upgraded to A13, and the base capacity is 64GB, but the configuration including the starting price may remain unchanged.