iPad+AJAZZ K620T, your next portable computer must be ipad​​

The author started with the white RGB version. This white version has injection molding and polishing technology added to the buttons. This process not only increases the appearance of the keyboard, but also improves the texture of the hand when typing. One feature of this keyboard compared to other keyboards is that there is a volume knob at the top left, which can control the volume and pause and play songs at any time. And the metallic luster of this knob adds value and texture to the keyboard.


The light gray groove on the right side can hold an iPad, and this 10.9-inch iPad Pro can still be inserted, which greatly increases the portability of the iPad. It is convenient to type on it and take it away directly. Smooth.

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To add, there is a Type-C interface on the left side of the keyboard, which can be connected to computers and other devices through wires. There are buttons besides that can be adjusted to three modes, namely wire mode, OFF button, Bluetooth mode, and the bottom has its own feet support.

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This keyboard uses a pink axis, the simple description of this axis is similar to the red axis, both games, and codewords. The keycaps are made of PBT material, and the keycap letters and inner colors are all in deep space gray, which is convenient for users to distinguish the key positions.


Remember to debug the use mode and RGB lighting according to the manual. After all, the optimization operation of each brand of lighting effects is different. What’s more important is the way to use the combination key to realize the shortcut operation, you need to pay attention to it. There are more than ten kinds of light effects, and turning on this light effect can maintain the long-term use of the keyboard and the battery life.

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This keycap can be replaced with the included keycap color, adding other colors to the keyboard as a whole, which looks better.


AJAZZ K620T Bluetooth keyboard’s typing sound is not noisy, and there is a sense of rhythm when typing. The design of the satellite axis makes me less likely to touch by mistake. It can meet the diversification of light effects while achieving long battery life if you turn it off the lighting effect lasts up to one month. Anyway, I still like this Bluetooth keyboard. The visual appearance is high, the color matches the desktop around, and the connection is very stable. When the iPad is put in the card slot, I can type directly. The quick operation makes me like it.

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