iPhone 13 May Feature Apple Watch-Inspired Always-On Display

Following a successful launch of the iPhone 12 last year, Apple plans to make another big splash with its upcoming iPhone 13, which can be expected to feature larger battery, smaller notch, improved performance, and more advanced display that may sport an always-on mode.


Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman outlines what customers can expect from the iPhone 13. According to Gurman, in line with previously leaked battery capacities, the new iPhones will feature larger batteries that may be used to power displays with a 120Hz refresh rate and possibly an Apple Watch-inspired always-on mode.

With recent Apple Watch models, the display can remain on at a lower brightness and variable refresh rate, which allows wearers to see their watch face at all times. Gurman says that Apple may bring similar feature to the ‌iPhone‌ 13, allowing customers to possibly see information such as the time, date, and their notifications at all times on their display.


This would be made possible thanks to LTPO displays which can power efficiently keep the display on at a lower brightness at all times, without a significant impact on battery life.

The OLED LTPO displays expected to be included in the high-end iPhone 13 models would also enable the inclusion of a 120Hz refresh rate. Apple has been long-rumored to bring its 120Hz ProMotion technology to its ‌iPhone‌, and despite widespread rumors of it happening on the ‌iPhone 12‌, Apple now seems set-in-stone to include it for the high-end models of the iPhone 13.

Beyond improved performance, more advanced displays, and bolstered camera capabilities, dummy models of the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup reveal very few design changes for the new iPhones. Apple last year reintroduced a flat-edged design for the ‌iPhone‌, and the iPhone 13 will build on that design. However, the new iPhones will be slightly thicker and heavier to accommodate the more advanced displays and larger batteries.