iPhone 13 Leak Teases AirPods 3, But New Apple Device Facing Massive Shortage

Recent leaks have stated that AirPods 3 is ready to sell in the market, and stocks might come out at the same time as the iPhone 13! Interested consumers should look out for the release of Apple’s two new hottest tech products.

Twitter user dylandkt recently tweeted, “I can confirm that the AirPods 3 will release alongside the upcoming iPhone in September.” This immediately brought up debate and interest from the internet readers. For reference, Dylan is rated as 81.3 percent accurate by Apple Track when to his tweets and leaks about Apple products, which added some weight to his words.


Apple Leak Teases AirPods 3

Forbes reported that AirPods 3 was initially scheduled to launch sometime last April. However, Apple delayed the timeframe for undisclosed reasons. It’s worth noting that this recent leak is the first real update consumers receive regarding the third-generation wireless earphones.

Though little information is available about the AirPods 3, BRG highlighted some features consumers can expect from the product. AirPods 3 is rumored to have a shorter stem and larger body. It might also remove the ear tips and maintain its plastic-body design.

Its charging case might also look similar to AirPods Pro, but with a slightly larger body.

The AirPods 3 might also possibly feature Automatic Switching and Automatic Pairing with other Apple devices. However, it might not have the premium features like Noise Cancelation and Spatial Audio.

Lastly, the AirPods 3 price could be anywhere between $159 to $199 in retail.


Apple Warns iPhone 13 Shortage

In Apple’s Q2 report, Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said, “We expect supply constraints during the September quarter to be greater than what we experienced during the June quarter. The constraints will primarily impact iPhone and iPad.”

Apple fans have eagerly waited on updates for the iPhone 13 series. Previous rumors teased their expectation with LiDAR sensor capabilities, 1TB storage, 120 Hz refresh rate, A15 Bionic chip and a new iOS 15 mobile system.

Unfortunately, the global chip shortage continues, and Apple warned of short supplies on the incoming smartphone device.

The iPhone 13 massive shortage would bring a lot of different problems for consumers. First, there would be low supplies on popular colors or hardware configurations to the iPhone 13 unit. Demand and competition would also spike up, which could directly affect the retail price of the product. Worse is the fact that Apple has yet to provide a solution to this problem.


iPhone 13 and iPad production would continue to get harder with the incoming Christmas rush. Worse case scenarios could lead to the iPhone 13 going entirely out of stock in the market.

During this period, it is recommended for consumers to consider buying other phones or simply waiting out.

For those interested, there is no news that AirPods 3 would come in short supply, so it’s unlikely there will be a problem with its stocks and consumers can readily get it when it comes out along with or in the same month as the highly anticipated iPhone 13.