The iPad Pro powered by M1 has amazing power consumption: The poor battery life is inevitable!

Apple is indeed quite bold, and actually put the M1 on the new iPad Pro, and the performance is guaranteed in this way, but the power consumption is also quite touching.

Some netizens tested the new iPad Pro under the M1 blessing, and the power consumption was amazing.

According to the results of his test, playing “The Divine Comedy” and “Original Sin II” can make the M1 chip truly exert its power. The combined load of this 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU reaches 19.9 watts of power consumption.

Of course, about 20W can be regarded as the maximum power consumed by the SoC, but the consumption under normal operation will not be so high, mainly depends on how much the task pressure of the M1 iPad Pro is.

This power consumption can also explain why the 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro has a larger battery than the 2020 version, because the previous A12Z bionic processor may never come close to achieving such a result.

Many users have already got the new iPad Pro before. Now, the poor battery life of the new machine is inseparable from the excessive power consumption.