iPhone 13 Rose Pink real phone image exposure: small notch + full-body pink debut in December of the year

According to recent reports from various sources, Apple will release the iPhone 13 series as scheduled in September this year. This year, it will still adopt the solution with the notch, but it has ushered in some major changes.

Recently, some netizens exposed the new renderings of the iPhone 13 series on social platforms. One of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is made of pink, is very eye-catching. The source said that the color scheme will be named Rose Pink and will be officially launched at the end of this year, and will surely be sought after by many female users.


In addition to the new color scheme, the most important change in the iPhone 13 series is the reduction of the notch.

According to previous sources, Apple has adopted a new hidden handset solution on the iPhone 13 series, moving the handset to the top of the screen, freeing up more space for the Face ID component, thereby reducing the area of ​​the notch.


In addition, it is also reported that Apple will equip the iPhone 13 series with the latest D-ToF (Direct ToF) technology, which can effectively reduce the volume of the 3D structured light sensor module, and finally get a full screen with a small notch.

It is worth mentioning that the current supply chain news has been basically confirmed, and Apple will also introduce high refresh screens for the iPhone 13 Pro series for the first time. It will be equipped with Samsung’s LTPO display, which can achieve smarter refresh rate scheduling adjustment, bring adaptive refresh rate function, can realize automatic switching between 1-120Hz.


At the same time, the refresh rate as low as 1Hz will also enable the iPhone 13 Pro series to bring the long-awaited AOD function to users. 1Hz can allow the iPhone 13 to achieve ultra-low power consumption screen display effect, and will hardly affect the battery life of the phone. Users can also use the AOD function with confidence and boldness.