iPhone 13 Series: How to choose a suitable one in this series? Just look at here!

The difference between the iPhone 13 series this year has been further reduced, with bangs reduced by 20%, and the entire series is equipped with a starting capacity of 128G. And they all use last year’s iPhone 12Pro Max’s unique sensor displacement anti-shake function, and the movie effect mode is also eye-catching.


iPhone 13 mini: It is the first choice for small screen lovers. The battery life is increased by 1.5h compared to the previous generation. The difference with iPhone13 is only in the number of Sim cards, battery life and screen size. If you don’t care about a smaller screen, you can directly consider it.

iPhone 13: It is suitable for most people among the four iPhone models, and its battery life is increased by 2.5h. It has a moderate price and performance, and the camera strength is not much different from that of the iPhone 13Pro/Max in most scenarios.

iPhone 13Pro: It is the best performance among the four models, with exactly the same functions and performance as the iPhone 13Pro Max. The difference is only in battery life and screen size. Compared with the iPhone13/mini, it has increased the ProMotion adaptive 120Hz high refresh screen look and feel, and the game experience is very obvious, as well as ProRes professional video shooting and telephoto lens.

iPhone 13Pro Max: It weighs 238g. After adding the phone case, the total weight exceeds 250g. For users who are sensitive to the weight of the phone, please consider carefully.

In terms of capacity selection, 128 and 256g are the main considerations. If you expect to use it for two or three years, you can directly choose the 256g version.