iPhone 13 series RAM information is here: Totally no surprises!

Every time Apple’s press conference, after the new generation of iPhone is announced, there will always be many people who care about the memory of the new phone. Will there be surprises this time?

There have been rumors that some models of the iPhone 13 series will be equipped with 8GB of RAM. Is this true?

According to the string information of the Xcode 13 beta version, it can be confirmed that both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have 6GB of RAM, while the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini use 4GB of RAM. The entire series is the same as last year’s iPhone 12 series.

For Apple, its memory upgrades on the iPhone have always been “restrained.” On the contrary, the Android camp will be much more radical. Many manufacturers have even upgraded their phones directly to 12GB.

It is worth mentioning that the RAM of the new iPad has also been released. The RAM of the new iPad mini has risen to 4GB, and the RAM of the previous generation iPad mini is 3GB.

At the same time, the RAM of the ninth-generation iPad has not changed, which is the same as the previous generation, which is 3GB.

For comparison, the RAM of the iPad Air is 4GB, and depending on the storage capacity, the maximum RAM of the iPad Pro is 16GB.