When you just use an Apple laptop, you must know the basics!

Commonly used shortcut keys

Command + Q really exit the software

Command + C copy

Command + X cut

Command + V to paste

Command + delete delete, move the file to the trash

Command + Shift + 4 capture the selected screen area to the desktop file

Command + Shift + 3 Capture all screen to desktop file

control+space input method switch

Option + Command + Esc force exit (adapted to be used when the software cannot be closed)


Not recommended

1. Mouse

Whether you are buying an original Apple mouse or a third-party mouse, the hand feel is better than the touchpad on the notebook, which is far better than other PC notebooks.

In addition, the touchpad supports multiple gesture controls. Using a third-party mouse means giving up these functions.

2. Keyboard membrane

I don’t know why I want to buy keyboard film, which directly hinders the controllability of the keyboard, and the keyboard becomes sluggish.

3. Computer case

It hides the design feeling of Apple computers and has a cheap feeling.

In normal use, there will still be no bumps.

Moreover, the metal case of Apple’s laptop is not prone to scratches.

4. Digital touch screen film

It also affects the feel of the touch.

5. Screen film

It affects the display effect of the screen.