iPhone 13 VS iPhone 14: Which one is more powerful and worth to buy?

Regarding the iPhone 14:

The iPhone 14 in 2022 will have a major update in appearance. The design of the front and back glass panels in the middle frame that has been used since the iPhone 6 has been reconstructed and returned to a design similar to the iPhone 4 era.

In addition, the buttons on the middle frame and even the speaker openings at the bottom have all returned to the previous iPhone 4 era.

However, the processing of the middle frame is not just a simple design return, but the innovation of this era in materials, using titanium alloy.

From the rendering, we can see that the front screen of the iPhone 14 has a very high degree of integrity, and the bangs are indeed removed. Although there is still a front camera, but with the usual four-sided equal-width design, the overall look and feel is excellent.

As for iPhone 13:

Judging from the details announced, the iPhone 13 mini will have six colors. Black, blue, purple, pink, white and PRODUCT (Red). It is said that the iPhone 13 will use the same color.

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will come in black, silver, gold and copper colors.

In terms of storage, it is said that the “iPhone 13 mini” has 64GB and 128GB configurations; the “iPhone 13” has 128GB and 256GB options, and the “iPhone 13 Pro” is also the same.

iPhone 13 Pro Max’s storage starts at 256GB and includes a 512GB version.

The main advantage of the iPhone 13 this time is the screen. The OLED screen with 120Hz LTPO refresh rate will be used on the iPhone 13.

To sum up:

According to the suggestions of some people who broke the news, users should not buy iPhone 13! The reason is simple, that is, the iPhone 14 is more worth looking forward to.

Because, no matter in appearance or some other hardware, iPhone14 will be more powerful than iPhone13!